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Soft colors of the early season give way to vivid hues, all of which find a place indoors.
Look for no surprise plot twists in this story: The home of Vivien Jennings and Roger Doeren is [...]
Danielle Rollins has co-founded and chaired several charities, mostly in the Atlanta area, [...]
Textile artist Debra Smith's creative effusions join those of dozens of other artists [...]
Jacky and Deborah Duffey have filled their modest ranch-style home in Independence with [...]
It would be difficult to imagine a more idyllic spot for introspection. Spend time in the home [...]
To deal with the gap between the toilet and the back wall, contractors sometimes install custom [...]
I live in a home that has plaster on metal lath ceilings. Our dining room is below two [...]
LEDs and compact fluorescent bulbs are much cooler than incandescents, and you can use either. [...]
We're remodeling our kitchen to include a new faucet. Since my kitchen sink is an [...]
Sloped roofs do not need to be cleared of snow because they will hold up to maybe 3, 4 or 5 [...]
I'm not sure what it is, but something about Ballard Designs makes me think of sleepy [...]
According to the Pier 1 Imports website, its buyers travel the world hunting for the kinds of [...]
Crate & Barrel's January 2014 Best & Buys catalog is out, and it's full of the [...]
Horchow is part of the Neiman Marcus Group, so their things are often staggeringly expensive. [...]
It's hard to describe Broadway & Penn, a shop that opened during the last year in the [...]
I love these vintage ginger jars ($64; Kincaid's, 1812 W. 45th St.). I love their beautiful [...]
Marble can take on a variety of different colors and swirls depending on the molecular makeup [...]
Good news for gardeners: The median date for the last freeze in the Kansas City area is between [...]
I just bought a 4" pot of "Happy Fac" Bush Cinguefoil. Its only [...]
I have 2 3'x3' raised planting boxes in an outdoor classroom at an elementary school in [...]
I'm wondering with all the nurseries putting out their potted plants for display and such, [...]
What is going on with the tulips this year? It seems most other bulbs are up and looking fine. [...]
Culinary herbs are enjoying a revival thanks to new varieties, stronger flavors, health [...]
The national landscape industry association, Planet, asked its members to name common lawn [...]
Childhood friends Bret Englander and Nick Sheridan have reimagined high-end lighting, and the [...]
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